FlipFold® Junior


  • FlipFold Jr. creates a smaller 7" x 10" fold
  • Kids sizes  and teen sizes
  • Easy to use & cuts folding time in half
  • FlipFold Jr. is great for any item that requires a smaller fold; it will work on adult sizes too!
  • Made in the U.S.A.

    In response to overwhelming demand to offer a smaller version of the FlipFold, we are proud to debut the FlipFold Jr. for kids and teens wardrobe organization...only available from the makers of FlipFold!

    For kids clothes and smaller sizes:

    The FlipFold Jr. looks and operates just like the original FlipFold, but it is scaled down in size for all your smaller folding needs. It's still a perfect closet organizer, and still gives a perfect fold every time! So, it's a perfect wardrobe organizer for you, your teen or your young children!

    23" x 19" when open and 7½" x 19" when closed for storage.

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