Instructions - How to Fold a Shirt

The FlipFold shirt & laundry folding board comes complete with instructions on how to fold most garments (T-Shirts, Sweaters, Pants, Towels, etc).
You can download a copy of these 'Folding Instructions' by clicking here.

We have also published these folding instructions on our website. Use the links below view various garment folding instructions - to ensure Perfect, Uniform Folds Everytime.

How to Fold a Shirt
(Basic T Shirt Folding - short sleeve S/S)

Shirt Folding Tips & Advice
When flipping and folding, move the boards quickly and firmly - this allows for a flat, neat fold, getting all the air out.
Do you know what our holes are for? They reduce static allowing air to pass through the board, eliminating that pullback effect.
Sweatshirts are bulky, so make your last fold by hand. If your sweatshirt is hooded, fold hood IN even with the edge of the board.
Remember to offset your shirt on center panel D featuring your design. Play with positioning for ideal exposure.


How to Fold a T-Shirt - Basic Shirt Folding
Follow these t-shirt folding instructions for help when folding t-shirts and short sleeved shirts, folding S/S shirt.
Open shirt face down on the FlipFold shirt folder. Fold bottom of the shirt even with bottom edge of shirt folding board.
Flip panel A to center and back. Flip panel B to center and back.
Flip panel A to center and back. (flipping sleeve in) Flip panel C up to center and back.

You now have a perfectly t-shirt !
Download PDF of these Shirt Folding Instructions
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