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We are the official FlipFold stockist for Europe. Buy the original patented version here!

Makes folding clothes as easy as FLIP and FOLD!

So you’ve done the washing and the ironing but you still need to fold away those clothes! The domestic chores can seem never ending but help is at hand when it comes to folding away the laundry as we bring FlipFold to households across Europe! Across the Atlantic our American friends have been raving about this quirky invention that was made famous on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and it now seen as the absolute ‘must-have’ accessory in the ongoing battle with the laundry pile.

FlipFold saves you time with each item of clothing taking less than 5 seconds to fold away, giving you crease free, symmetrical sharp lines a professional tailor would be proud of!

FlipFold saves you space as each almost any item of clothing can be folded away tightly, leaving no unsightly long sleeves, stubborn collars or frisky hems trying to escape!

Shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, pants, jeans, skirts – FlipFold will even tackle bed sheets and towels with it’s simple ‘FLIP, FLIP, FLIP and FOLD’ solution!

FlipFold saves your workload – it’s so easy to use, a 3 year old could do it and have a whole load of fun in the process and it comes in a choice of 7 vibrant colours – why not let them choose!

FlipFold has taken America by storm and we’re proud to bring the authentic patented version to Europe in an attempt to de-clutter a continent, leaving messy wardrobes and overstuffed drawers a thing of the past. Domestic households are loving their FlipFold’s as is the retail world with store managers enjoying aesthetically pleasing sharp lines and staff time saved with more time to focus on serving customers!

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